Customized School Services connects experienced science education specialists with schools/school districts who have professional development and curriculum development needs.  MITS works with individual schools, school departments and other educational organizations to develop professional development sessions for their teachers to support and improve inquiry-based STEM education.

STEM education specialists assist teachers and school systems in developing their best science education practices.  Consultants are highly credentialed and experienced in inquiry-based, minds-on, hands-on science in the K-12 classroom or laboratory.  In addition, MITS specialists are well versed in the Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering Standards and the national Next Generation Science Standards.  They are ready to assist school systems in meeting these standards.  MITS staff are also available to work alongside teachers in the classroom to model and assist with incorporating inquiry and the science practices into the classroom.

MITS’ Customized School Services can provide:

Customized Professional Development for Teachers, Science Lead Teachers, and Supervisors
MITS collaborates with school and/or district representatives to design professional development that addresses local needs and interests.   These offerings may be customized with respect to grade level, focus, scope, and frequency of meetings.  MITS’ staff can structure programs to fit the district’s professional development schedule, in order to enable full staff participation.  In particular, professional development offerings may be designed to support science educators as they transition to the newly revised Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering Standards.

Customized Curriculum Development and Implementation
MITS works with school and/or district representatives to create science and technology/engineering curriculum units that address local needs.  The scope of the curriculum development project may range from a particular grade level and one or more Framework Strands to multiple grade spans and Framework Strands.  Curriculum development projects will include a professional development component as well as implementation resources and support.

MITS – Designed Workshops
MITS’ staff members and collaborating partners have developed programs to address common areas of interest in K – 12 schools.  These include:  Inquiry-based Science, Science & Literacy Connections, Science and Engineering Practices, Making Interdisciplinary Connections and Energy Activities Aligned with the Standards.

For more information or to arrange a customized program for your school(s) contact MITS at 617-328-1515.

Click here to download a Customized School Services Brochure.

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