Berkshire Region 

One-Week Institute for Grades 3-8 Educators

Going Green with Your Students: The Science and Engineering Behind Clean Energy

Find out more about where energy, climate change, and sustainable solutions are found within the 2016 Science and Technology/Engineering standards. Discover how the  problems of sustainable energy can be addressed in the curriculum through the integration of science content with the science and engineering practices. And work collaboratively with your peers to develop lessons that you are excited to share with your students!

Today’s youngest citizens are growing up in a changing world as society shifts away from dirty fossil fuels toward clean, renewable sources of energy. Join us this summer as we become environmental scientists studying renewable energy. We will explore the burgeoning clean energy industry in the region and collaborate on ways to bring this learning into our classrooms. We will ask and answer: What kind of technologies will we need to transition to 100% clean energy sources by 2050?

As cultural environmentalists, we will explore the science and engineering of the hydropower of the early mills. We will experiment with solar, hydroelectric, wind, and biomass technologies to understand how renewable sources can be used to produce clean energy and reduce our carbon footprint. Through minds-on, hands-on activities we will learn how to generate alternative energy and apply our learning to our roles as teachers, learners, and citizen scientists. Together, we will collaborate on ways to infuse engineering design into renewable energy projects with our students.  

Partners: Flying Cloud Institute (Lead Institution), Trustees of Reservations, Center for EcoTechnology
Dates: July 9-13 (9:00 am-4:00 pm); Half Day Introductory Session June 16 (9:00 am-1:00 pm); Half Day Fall Call-back November 17 (9:00 am-1:00 pm)
Registration Cost: $400/participant ($375/participant if attending in team of 2 teachers from your school district; $350/participant if attending in team of 3+ teachers from your school district)
Optional Graduate Credit and PDPs: Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) ($150; 3 graduate credits, 67.5 PDPs). 40 PDPs available without graduate credit.

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